Freezing Tank Practical Cases

*These materials are intended for health care professionals only.*



Traditional Pedicle Freezing 

(without Freezing Tank) 

 A 15 years old male case with distal femur periosteal osteosarcoma. In traditional way, surgeons preserved the patient's knee joint ligament and conducted a single diaphyseal osteotomy. Following soaking tumor-baring bone into liquid nitrogen, operating staffs need to monitor cryogen level and therapeutic range because it boils quickly under room temperature. Compared to treatment by Freezing Tank, the traditional way is laborious with uncertain effectiveness.



Case 1 - High-Grade Osteosarcoma, Proximal Femur

A 15 years old female felt severe pain during ballgames. She was sent to hospital and found pathological fracture at the left proximal femur and diagnosed with high-grade osteosarcoma. She received wide resection followed by a chemotherapy course. 

Traditionally, cutting down the bone is needed for in vitro cryotherapy. This case, however, was performed pedicle freezing by Freezing Tank without osteotomy. The Freezing Tank wrapped the tumor-bearing bone and conducted cryoablation. Following a complete freezing-thawing cycle, the patient received hip hemiarthroplasty. There was no need for crutches post-operation. The patient had gradually recovered and backed to school now.